Devastated : Still cant ride my trike yet!

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Devastated : Still cant ride my trike yet!

Post by FatRakoon » Fri May 27, 2016 12:45 am

Im utterly gutted.

I bought a K100RS based trike last year, that I had hoped would let me back onto the road after smashing my back and legs up in another accident involving my GPZ900Ninja and a bin wagon.
I had by pure luck, asked a couple of the local outlaws to have a look at the bike, and they found that the back end was not only utter crap, but it was dangerously crap and bordering on lethal. They completely rebuilt the whole thing, and reweldeda load of it, converted the single shock of the original BMW spring, to a dual shock using a pair of old Harley shocks and got it slightly better and more individual suspension rather asolid arse, and all for a mere 200 notes, and I was well chuffed. I threw them a few extra quid cos I felt tha job was certainly worth more than 200

A week or so later, and I decided that since they did this much, I might aswell get them to completely re-do the whole back end, so I bought seals, bearings, new brake shoes and cables and asked them to do all of that as well, knowing that once it was done, I should not need to do anything to the back end for a good few years... At least thats the idea anyway. Time will tell.

Now, in October, I had been running it around a little to see what I needed to do to it because in November, I was going to have my next course of operations, and so, it was only last week, that I decided that my leg was well enough for me to have a shot at riding the trike. My intentions were, to simply take it round the estate clockwise then anti clockwise to see how I fee labotu it before taking it onto the road.

I could not even get onto it properly. I had to get on backwards ( not a problem, I know now ) but then I realised that I could not bend my leg enough to get it onto the stand, and I took my special shoe off and tried it bare foot and I managed it just about, and I was sort of semi-able to press the brake, but of course nowhere near good enough for the road. Another point, is that I could not reach down to pull the hand brake, so that was a swine too.

I did take it round the block, however, I was really struggling, and had I needed to do any form of quick movement, never mind an emergency stop or manuever, that would have been a bad thing.

I very quickly realised that I am not just a little off getting back onto the trike, I am way, way, way off getting back onto the road.

This has, to put a nice edge onto it, utterly pissed me right off!

I was hoping that all theadaptions that I have got the guys to do, are all its going to need, but its clear now, that I am also going to need to have the footpegs moved forward now too! - Whats an anooyance on that, is that I bought myself a set of engine bars just to mount some pegs onto never mind forward controls, and my kids cleared out the shed a few weeks back ,and they threw one of the bars away! - so I need to buy those again.

Im more annoyed now than ever!

This trike is costing me a fortune to get right and I have only had about 30 miles out of her so far.

I suppose Im just grateful that the local outlaws are decent guys and are doing these jobs for a great price that I am happy to pay and happy the jobs are good ones.

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Re: Devastated : Still cant ride my trike yet!

Post by Mad B0B » Fri May 27, 2016 4:24 am

It's quite cathartic to vent like that. What you do t want to do is get so disheartened that you can't face riding the trike, or depression coming on.

I was wondering if you have spoken to NABD about getting a grant to help you with your trike.

Good luck to you.
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Re: Devastated : Still cant ride my trike yet!

Post by 1130cc » Fri May 27, 2016 7:05 am

That is a real arse.

On a positive, you are working out what your limitations are, and they should get better with time.
Keep hammering at it, as it seems to be giving you a focus ;)
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