Map of Members Locations

UK only Members Map....please do not put your exact location

Map of Members Locations

Postby 1130cc » Fri Oct 10, 2014 3:48 pm

The map of the member's locations can be found here: ... dg=feature

Please feel free to add your own location, though we would suggest that you place the marker at least 1/2 mile away from your exact address.

Rough instructions are:
To create a new entry
    Click on Edit
    Zoom the map into your location.
    Click on the blue upside down teardrop at the top left of the map
    click where you want to pinpoit your location. Do not put it exactly where your trike is else would thieves will find it more easily.
    Type in a title and description
    Click on the blue upside down tear drop, in the top right, to change it to something different.
    Click OK

To edit an existing entry
Please only change your own entries
    Click Edit
    Click on your pin/icon
    Click on the icon in the top right
    You can change to one of the default icons, or add one of your own.
    If you want the trike one:
    Click "Add an icon"
    Copy this into the box -
    Click OK
    Otherwise use a default ones
    Click on the icon you want
    Click OK
    Click Save

You can of course find your own icons

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