Todays Quiz....Hollywood Cars

Rik's heroic but ultimately doomed attempt to raise the intellectual level of our merry band.......however , it's immense fun
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Todays Quiz....Hollywood Cars

Post by VmaxRik »

As the title've seen the film, but who drove what ??

On the clock as usual. So, you snooze, you lose....enjoy. :niceone:

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Post by swirl »

eeekkkkk 6/15 749/1500, 80/90's was ok anything before ninrrrrr :diggin:
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Post by BigMat1971 »

953 for me. ;D)
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Post by Doc. »

906 . . . hopeless :o

4 complete stabs in the dark as well . . .
Things that there's just no excuse for fitting on a Trike;
'Dodgy' registration,
Telescopic Forks.
Bike Tyres on the rear.
Car seats
Anything in the shape of a knuckle-duster,
Maltese Cross, flame, chain or Skull.
Alloy tread/chequer plate.
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Post by perkin2000 »


I watch too many films
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Post by CyprusTrike »

Got 9 out of 15

You scored: 976 / 1500
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Post by RiDDO »

1014/1500 - Stunned, and depressed by being so old and remembering!
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