robin trike water works

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robin trike water works

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Hi folks I have got a problem with the cooling system.
When I run her up in the garage she has no leaks not boiling at high or low revs,But when I take her out and push her a little bit she pushes lots of water into the overflow bottle.
She does not boil up I have done a gas check for head gasket thats ok,flushed it lots of times and changed the stat,i tried it without a stat no change.
Timing is 11BTDC and iv colour tuned the carb.
Iv done all I know HELP.

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Re: robin trike water works

Post by Kawazuki »

Maybe you are over filling the rad? They are designed to have water level about a 1/2 - 1" below the filler neck when cold to allow for expansion. Any excess should go to overflow / expansion bottle and should be sucked back if hose is below the water line. Its all fairly self regulating. Running in the garage may not actually get the thermostat open so not affectively 'Hot'

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Re: robin trike water works

Post by prawny12009 »

A weak cap will let coolant out before it is under any pressure, I use a blank cap on my rad and a pressure cap on the bottle.

The over flow pipe becomes a degas pipe, filling the system is slower but cooling is more stable.

Update the hose between the rad and bottle, secure both ends with clamps.

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