Brothel Sues Church

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Brothel Sues Church

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Diamond D's brothel began construction on an expansion of their building
to increase their ever-growing business. In response, the local Baptist
Church across the street started a campaign to block the business from
expanding -- with morning, afternoon, and evening prayer sessions at their
church. Work on Diamond D's progressed right up until the week before the
grand reopening when lightning struck the whorehouse and burned it to the

After the cat-house was burned to the ground by the lightning strike, the
church folks were rather smug in their outlook, bragging about "the power
of prayer."

But late last week 'Big Jugs' Jill Diamond, the owner/madam, sued the
church, the preacher and the entire congregation on the grounds that the
church ... "was ultimately responsible for the demise of her building and
her business -- either through direct or indirect divine actions or

In its reply to the court, the church vehemently and voraciously denied
any and all responsibility or any connection to the building's demise.
The crusty old judge read through the plaintiff's complaint and the
defendant's reply, and at the opening hearing he commented, "I don't know
how the hell I'm going to decide this case, but it appears from the
paperwork, that we now have a whorehouse owner who staunchly believes in
the power of prayer, and an entire church congregation that thinks it's
all bull!"
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