Honda ST1100 Trike used reliant axle ABS??

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Honda ST1100 Trike used reliant axle ABS??

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Is there a work around for the rear ABS on a 2000 model pan european St1100.. Triked using a reliant axle and now need to figure out what to do with the rear brakes
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Re: Honda ST1100 Trike used reliant axle ABS??

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Firstly I have no experience with ABS but I assume the original GW would have some form of wheel speed sensor incorporated and this would need to be incorporated into the reliant hub / s. Then possibly the volume of fluid displaced into the wheel slave cylinders of the axle compared to the GW caliper will be different - this may cause issues with effectiveness of braking and also with the ABS brain? Then there is the issue of the differential - 2No. wheel speed sensors will show different speeds when turning so maybe confusing the brain and with a normal diff one wheel can spin while other is stationary - again a problem!

I think trying to mix 50's tech with modern tech in this case is a bit too much!
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