brake lights

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keith horrell
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brake lights

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Do a front brake require a braking light as mine hasent got one been told it now requires one with the new mot regs
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Re: brake lights

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Hi Keith. First your posting in the wrong area, you should post your question in the tech info section. Also what machine have you got?
And can you pop along to the new members section and do a intro about yourself. Its good manners even if we don't have any. :hoofle:
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Re: brake lights

Post by Kawazuki »

From testers manual........
"Tricycles and quadricycles:

not wider than 1,300mm can have only one stop lamp
with 2 service brake controls – both controls must operate the stop lamp(s)
with 2 stop lamps – must be mounted symmetrically
with 1 stop lamp – must be mounted centrally"

Seems fairly clear to me!
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