Boom dummy tank

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Re: Boom dummy tank

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AngeloftheAbyss wrote:I cracked the lugs that attach it tried to get a new one £250 :eek: fixed it myself :thumbsup:
If it was the fibreglass that was damaged I can get copies done. If it was the stainless fixing brackets I can get copies done. Unfortunately the demand would be so small it would be uneconomical to do. Fibreglass can be mended and stainless welded, so full blown copies would be gilding the lily I think.
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Re: Boom dummy tank

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Thanks it's all good now :thumbsup:
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Re: Boom dummy tank

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I too was very dissappointed with "The Trike Guy", when I contatced them for some information as I had just bought a Boom trike. The guy I spoke to was a hell of a lot less helpful than I had hoped. I managed to resist letting rip at him, but it was a struggle.

To be honest I am delighted with my Boom trike. I have done a bit of checking up on the model I have. I bought a book about the VW air cooled engine which is very helpful with lots of relevant information. Having a really close look around the trike, there is not much I cannot replace/repair myself. I couldn't get any information from "The Trike Guy" about wiring or a diagram, he just didn't want to know. So I have stripped out the whole lot and am making a complete new loom with the aid of a good mate who is a genius with wiring. Even I can understand what he is doing. I think it is a case of, if you have a Boom or Rewaco trike that is not brand new and under warranty, then you have to adapt and improvise. Which is what I am doing. Just finished making a stainless steel front light bar, just needds polishing. Making another light bar for the back, again it is stainless steel. Made a new stainless steel dash panel with all new stainless steel switches. Making a new speedo mounting bracket. Should have the complete wiring loom and all the new lights, shiny bits done in the next week or so, then MOT. I won't give dealers the satisfaction of taking my money. I don't have the budget to let them take the P$%* like they do.

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