Xj900 split swing arm.

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Xj900 split swing arm.

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Hi, Xj 900 f trike with a big split in the swing arm. Is it worth me fitting new swing arm welded as the original. MSVA say if I photograph swing arm before and after it is acceptable as can be turned back to a bike. It is a reliant axle (aaarge) but I can,t afford to go down Casarva route (£10.000). Desperate for advice.
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Re: Xj900 split swing arm.

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Post some pictures of it
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Re: Xj900 split swing arm.

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I cannot see why the DVLA would have any opinion on a repair! I'm guessing the SA has already been modified to hold / secure the Reliant axle. The repair does not affect the frame of the machine and if ever the trike was to revert back to a motorcycle just the SA needs replacement for standard one - all fully legal and above board!
Break out the welder and repair away, possibly adding some reinforcement to prevent it occurring again?
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Re: Xj900 split swing arm.

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Building any trike or converting a motorcycle to a trike can cost as much as you like. The bottom line on the Casarva conversion will not be £10,000 to get a road going trike. It will still be expensive but will require the minimum of kit parts from Casarva with everything else sourced by the builder.

I am not sticking up for the company. The person who answers the phone gets very defensive and abusive if you ask too many technical questions, as he seems to know next to nothing with engineering, but the finished product is very good.

The problem I had is I also know next to nothing so was curious on a lot of occasions. This was perceived as questioning and criticising rather than asking questions.
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