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Trikers clubs in Essex

Post by howlingdog »

having left the two wheel fraternity about forty years ago have just joined the three wheel variety and wondering where to go in the Essex area, we live about as far east as possible without getting our feet wet, nearest to us so far appear to either be in Lincolnshire, Kent or the Big Smoke, anyone out there know anything different?

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There does seem to be a lack of trike clubs down there, although there's always the Isle of Wight!!!!!!!

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This like buses on a rainy day I've tried three posts on this subject then all of them come up at the same time

bike trike club

Post by myrddin »

hi there not sure where you are in Essex but feel free to check out our club more details about us on the website. pm for address

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Hi you ask where we live in Essex, just about as far in the north east that you can get without falling into the North Sea please send club website AD

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Another Essex Triker

Post by yellow melos »

Hi Everybody,

See as somone was asking about trike meets in the essex i would like to say hi to everyone as i have just got my first trike and looking forward to taking it out for a spin.

i would also like to know of any trike meets in essex.


Post by RED »

theres a few of us builders about,but no club it seems! Im in Braintree.

Post by chippychop »

There are regular bike and trike meets in battlesbridge,essex,at the antiqus centre,don`nt know who you would contact there ,take a ride down there and talk to the old bike shop owner i`m sure he would put you right ,there is also a trike club somewhere in southend.

Post by Mayhem »

might be sommat out into east anglia mate. there seem to be a lot of the trikeing fraternity out here. There is a big trike event that takes place near me at a town called Littleport near Ely which is run by an organisation called trikes r us or something like that, thats usually a weekend event in the summer. Failing that there is another group run by Chris Ireland of Desparate Dan fame. If you are interested pm me and I send ya details

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hi derek,there is a bike meet in great bentley that also get trikes there.not certain but i think its on a wednesday.hope this helps maurice
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